Newsletter Terms and Conditions


§1 General provisions

  1. This letter, hereinafter referred to as „the Terms and Conditions” provides for rules on how to use www.koksztys.pl website, hereinafter referred to as „the Website”, as well as terms and conditions for protection of personal data of those entities using the website who natural persons are.
  2.  Koksztys S.A. with its registered seat at Objazdowa 50, 54-513 Wrocław, NIP 899-257-27-48, REGON 933041867 entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the Disctrict Court for Wrocław – Fabryczna in Wrocław, 6th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS numer 0000411495, with its share capital of PLN 100,000.00, fully paid up, hereinafter referred to as „Koksztys Group” shall be the Website Administrator.
  3.  The Website – its layout and content shall be the property of Koksztys Group and any copying thereof, whether in part or in full, requires a prior consent of Koksztys Group.. Using the Website shall mean the acceptance of the provisions hereof. From the moment an entity, hereinafter referred to as „the User”, starts to use the Website, they are obliged to abide by the provisions hereof.
  4. The Terms and Conditions are available free of charge on the Website in a form which allows its recording and printing.
  5. The User shall use the Website in accordance with the law provisions, provisions hereof, rules of social conduct and Netiquette.

§2 General terms and conditions for the use of the Website

  1. Any content published on the webpages of the Website shall be of informative nature and shall not be treated as Koksztys Group’s offer within the meaning of the civil law. Koksztys Group shall not be held liable for any effects which may appear as a result of action taken pursuant to such information. Any person who is interested in further information shall contact the Sales Department: sprzedaz@koksztys.pl.
  2. Entering into an agreement on providing services offered by Koksztys Group via the Website shall be done in accordance with the provisions of relevant terms and conditions for the purchase of particular services. Such terms and conditions are made available on the webpages within the Website. Such webpages contain the scope and conditions for the services as well as enable the agreements to be entered into electronically.
  3. All prices for entrepreneurs presented on the Website shall be net prices and prices for private persons shall be gross prices.
  4. As part of the Website the Administrator shall provide the Users with the following (inter alia)
    a) access to an electronic database of their cases, hereinafter referred to as „the Online Database”;
    b) subscritpion for Koksztys Group newletter;
    c) possibility to ask the Administrator questions via contact forms and/or online orders;
    d) possibility to send e-mails as a response to sent questions.
  5.  The Administrator shall not be held liable for any potential damage caused by the fact that the User has given false, out-    of-date or incomplete data in contact forms and/or online orders as well as for any damage caused by the fact that the         User has not abided by the law provisions and/or provisions hereof. The data provided by the User may not infringe the      law provisions in force nor any personal rights of any third party.
  6.  The Administrator shall not be held liable for the functioning of the servers on which the Users’ mailboxes are located,      in particular for the fact that the administrators of such mail servers may block e-mails sent by the Administrator to the Users.

§3 Technical Requirements

  1. Pursuant to the provisions hereof, the access to the Website is open to everyone who has a device (a computer, mobile phone, tablet) with Internet access.
  2. Koksztys Group recommends to use the following browsers in order to use the Website: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari – the newest versions available and/or Internet Explorer: version 10.0 or higher.

§4 Privacy Policy

  1. Koksztys S.A. with its registered seat at Objazdowa 50, 54-513 Wrocław (Koksztys Group) shall be the Administrator of the provided personal data.
  2. The personal data of those Users who natural persons are shall be stored and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29th 1997 (consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended) and with due dilligence.
  3. The Administrator may processed the following personal data:
    a)  the User’s last name and names;
    b)  NIP number;
    c)  address of residence or stay;
    d)  mailing address if it differs from the address of residence or stay;
    e)  e-mail address
    f)  telephone numer;
    g)  date of birth.
    h)  filling in the contact form or online order shall mean transfer of personal data included in the form or online order as    well as in the attached files to Koksztys Group. The data shall be processed by Koksztys Group pursuant to sent forms        or online orders to take necessary action relating to provided information, sales and/or marketing of Koksztys                     Group’s  services.
    i) received personal data shall not be transferred by Koksztys Group to any third party, with the exception of the following:
  •  it is required by the law provisions in force, including but not limited to the situations when judicial authorities are entitled to receive the personal data;
  •  the transfer of the processing of the personal data to third parties is done pursuant to section 31 of the Personal Data Protection Act, including but not limited to those entities which provide hosting services.

4. The Administrator shall not be held liable for any damage caused as a result of the fact that personal data have been revealed in accordance with section 4 (5) hereof.

5. The transfer of personal data is voluntary, however it is necessary if the action stipulated in section 4 (4) hereof is to be taken.

6. Administrator shall take care of the safety of the personal data provided by the User and shall ensure that the data are protected against access of any unauthorized persons or any other situation in which they might be revealed, lost, distroyed or modified in an unauthorized way by applying proper technical and organizational measures.

7. Administrator shall enable the Users to enjoy their rights which are stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act, i.e. the right to access, modify or remove the data from Koksztys Group Database as well as withdraw the consent to personal data being processed. In order to do that you should contact Koksztys Group: koksztys@koksztys.pl.

§5 Copyrights

  1. Koksztys Group makes copyrighted materials available on the website, including but not limited to: documents, trademarks and other works, such as texts, photographs, graphics, sounds, audio and video materials etc. The layout of the Webiste is separately protected by the copyrights.
  2. The User may use the materials of the Website only for their personal use. It shall mean in particular that any materials presented on the Website, both those which are protected by copyrights and those which are not, may not be used by the Users for any commercial activity.
  3. The User may use the copyrighted works, including but not limited to copying, sending, making available to the public and any other form only if the entitled entities have given their consent therto.

§6 Maintenance breaks

  1. The Administrator shall not be held liable for the lack of access to the Website as a result of the factors beyond the Administrator’s control nor for any effects thereof, in particular for the lack of access to the Online Database.
  2. The Administrator shall make every effort to ensure the Website will function constantly. Simultaneosuly, the Administrator shall reserve the right to any maintenance breaks which aim at technical improvement, updating the data, errors removal, maintenance works or improvement of the Website functionality.

§7 Final provisions

  1. Koksztys Group shall reserve the right to unilaterally amend the provisions hereof. The amendment shall come into force once the amended Terms and Conditions are published on the Website.
  2. Koksztys Group shall reserve the right to unilaterally decide about the content of the Website as well as any changes or modifications thereof, any changes of the materials or descriptions, inluding but not limited to a temporary or permanent shut down of particular webpages or the entire Webiste.
  3. Koksztys Group shall not be held liable for any content made available on external websites WWW, to which a link was posted on the Website. Koksztys Group shall not be held liable for any content of external websites which contain a link to the Website.
  4. To all matters not stipulated herein, the law provisions in force shall apply, in particular the Civil Code, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Copyright Act.
  5. All questions, opinions, requests concerning the functionality of the Website shall be sent to the following e-mail address: koksztys@koksztys.pl.
  6. The Terms and Conditions shall come into force on the day they are published on the Website.