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About us

Since 1992 we have been providing our Clients with comprehensive legal services and support in collecting their receivables which makes us one of the most experienced law firms in Poland. We give support to all enterprises, regardless of the scale or kind of their business. We run whole cases, before every instance and on every stage.

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"When I opened my law firm 25 years ago I knew what the most important in this work was - knowledge, passion and help for Clients. It has not changed. For the last twenty-five years we have upskilled our team, developed the scope of legal services, extended a group of regular clients, invested in the system of services. Those activities have brought majors successes - big companies, concerns, financial institutions and banks became our clients, however, we are still close to the Clients who were there with us at the beginning - the owners of small and medium enterprises, micro-enterprises and individual clients. You are the reason we are here everyday." Ireneusz Koksztys, Attorney-at-law


Here are the managers of our units who are responsible for the highest level of the services within their specializations.

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Firms and Organizations

We provide comprehensive legal services for firms and other organizations

Available modules of legal services:

  • Business Activity
  • Debt Collection and Enforcement Proceedings
  • Employees and Employment
  • Administrative Law and Criminal Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Taxes
  • Other

Business Activity

We provide comprehensive legal services for business activity

We created a group of protective packages “Lawyer” especially for people running their business activity and other smaller entities. A dedicated personal lawyer will help you solve your problems connected with:

  • debtors
  • trading partners
  • unfair competition
  • employees
  • and/or private matters

Natural persons

We provide individual clients with help connected with LEGAL AID

We provide individual clients with help connected with:

  • inheritance law
  • family law
  • consumer protection law
  • neighbourly law
  • damages
  • employees’ disputes
  • offences


and amicable debt collection

  • monitoring of receivables before they become due and payable and at an early stage of their maturity
  • amicable debt collection both before and after termination of the agreement
  • comprehensive activities and debt collection techniques
  • restoring the case to be regularly paid back
  • improving the financial liquidity of the creditor

and Enforcement Proceedings

  • a possibility to run every kind of court proceedings
  • representation during court hearings in every place in Poland via a net of legal counsels and attorneys-at-law around the country,
  • a specialized team of lawyers
  • cooperation with bailiffs in accordance with debtor’s general jurisdiction as well as with a group of bailiffs cooperating with the Law Firm


  • direct contact with the debtor used at the amicable debt collection stage and/or during enforcement proceedings
  • the purpose of the visit is to encourage the debtor to pay the debt, update the contact data, document the assets, obtain a written undertaking to pay the debt which interrupts the limitation period
  • customized scope of activities which meets the requirements of the Ordering Party and a comprehensive reports from the field activities
  • verification of persons, entities as well as immovable and movable property


  • collection and transport of leased assets and other collaterals around the country
  • storage and transport of vehicles
  • a possibility to amicably solve the case by paying back the debt without necessity to collect the vehicle


  • encouraging the debtor to pay the debt back or voluntarily sell their property by way of pointing them the character of property sale during the enforcement proceedings
  • support for the Ordering Party during the sale of the property, including but not limited to home staging
  • establishing a mortgage and a compulsory mortgage
  • updating the entry in land and mortgage register according to the current legal status

of receivables

  • purchase of secured and unsecured portfolios
  • purchase of portfolios via a securitization fund and/or via one of the companies within Koksztys Group
  • purchase of receivables portfolios with our own capital as well as the capital of foreign investors


Contact us

Koksztys Legal Group
54-513 Wrocław
ul. Objazdowa 50

Outer office:

tel. (0-71) 33 51 450,
fax (0-71) 33 51 540

Legal services:

tel. (0-71) 33 51 667

Sale Division:

tel. (0-71) 33 51 589

Institutional client:

tel. (0-71) 33 51 583,
tel. +48 510 272 524

For Media:

tel. (0-71) 33 51 450

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